King Vulture (P)

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Februar 2005



This stunning collection heralds the debut of a most gifted poet, one who turns to the formal traditions of the past to celebrate and elegize our vast and transient world in which human storiesatragedies and triumphsaare invariably bound up with nature. K. E. Duffinas poems are about transformations, from life to death and from death to life, from the sprawl of experience to the spare music of the poem that can reach the future only through memory. These are poems that court the ear and eye alike. They surprise us with their elegant forms and rich, classical themes; they delight us with their force of language and delicious renderings of the vast complications of things.


K. E. Duffin is a painter and print-maker who finds inspiration in the art of the ancient world. She graduated from Harvard University and attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her poems have appeared in a number of journals, including Poetry, Partisan Review, Ploughshares, Verse, and the Sewanee Review. She has been a finalist for the National Poetry Series, the Walt Whitman Award, and the Colorado Prize. She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.
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