Ungendering Civilization

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Januar 2004



With nine papers examining a distinct body of archaeological data, Ungendering Civilization offers a much needed scrutiny of the role of women in the evolution of states.Studying societies including Predynastic Egypt, Minoan Crete, ancient Zimbabwe and the Maya - to determine what the facts actually show, the contributors critically address traditional views of male and female roles, and argue for the possibility that the root historical cause of gender subordination is participation in modern world system, rather than 'innate' tendencies to domesticity and child-rearing in women, and leadership and aggression in men.With an interdisciplinary potential, students of archaeology, cultural studies and gender studies will find this full of useful information.


"Contemporary archaeologists should use this excellent volume as an example of the direction archaeology should go to maintain its relevancy to existing societies." - Joe Watkins, University of New Mexico, Journal of Anthropological Research
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