A Concise History of Christian Doctrine

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Januar 2006



An introduction to the core Christian doctrines, the historical context in whichthey arose, and their ongoing importance to contemporary Christian belief andpractice.
Justo Gonz lez has long been recognized as one of our bestteachers and interpreters of the church 's belief and history. In this new volume helays out the answers to three questions crucial to understanding the Christiantradition: First, what are the core Christian doctrines? What ideas and convictionsform the heart of Christian identity?Second, Where did these doctrines come from?What are the historical contexts in which they first rose to prominence? How havethey developed across the history of the church?Finally, what do these doctrinesmean today? What claims do they continue to place on Christian belief and practicein the twenty-first century?Written with the clarity and insight for which Gonz lezis famous, A Short History of Christian Doctrine will serve the needs of students inchurch history, historical theology, and systematic theology classes incollege/university settings, as well as seminaries/theological schools.


Justo L Gonzalez is the well-known author of numerous books in many areas of theological study, including the three-volume History of Christian Thought and Church History: An Essential Guide.
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