Doctor Who: Starships and Spacestations

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Mai 2008



New in Richards' series of "Doctor Who" guides, this explores the starships and spacestations that the Doctor has encountered on his many travels. From the British Space Programme of the late 20th century to Earth's Empire in the far future, this documents the amazing story of humanity's ventures into space, and also looks at the many alien fleets that have paid the Earth a visit. With stunning illustrations. "Doctor Who" returns to BBC1 in this spring.


Justin Richards is the Creative Consultant for the BBC's range of Doctor Who books, and has written a fair few of them himself. As well as writing for stage, screen and audio, he is also the author of The Invisible Detective and Time Runners series of novels for children, and Agent Alfie for younger readers. As well as collaborating with thriller writer Jack Higgins, he writes standalone novels for older children including The Death Collector, The Chaos Code, and The Parliament of Blood. Justin lives in Warwick, with his wife, two children and a nice view of the castle.
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