Motorcycle Touring in Prince Edward Island...Your Guide to Tip to Tip Adventure

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More than 100 full-colour photographs and images bring Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island, to life in this guidebook designed for those who enjoy touring and exploring roads less traveled. Award winning travel writer, Julie V. Watson and photographer John C. Watson introduce readers to beaches, miles of coastline, the capital city, towns and villages. Well described and mapped tours explore regions, beautiful lighthouses and even a tip-to-tip challenges as you meander along scenic roads. Learn about places to visit, history, culture, lobster and other great culinary experiences, as well as the more practical (accommodations, dealers, dining out) Articles ranging from How to Photograph Your Motorcycle to local biking personalities and the motorcycling community are written in a friendly, easy-to-read, chatty style that makes readers feel they may just have found a home away from home.

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