Diversity Days: A Teacher's 2002-2003 Calendar of Ideas

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Mai 2002



Covering the school year from August 2002 to June 2003, Diversity Days is an engagement book full of ideas, celebrations, and strategies for bringing students together. It combines the best features of a handbook for teachers with those of a practical week-at-a-glance-style calendar. The book includes a comprehensive list of holidays throughout the school year, poems to be read throughout the year, topics for discussion, and ideas for teaching social studies and science. These activities are designed to celebrate the differences found in classrooms, and can be easily woven into the everyday curriculum. (August 2002-June 2003)


Julie Landsman is Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Until her recent retirement, she had spent many years working with both troubled and gifted students in middle and high schools in the Minneapolis Public School System. She continues to teach in Minneapolis as a Writer in the schools. Ms. Landsman presently has a monthly column in the Skyway News in Minneapolis. Her most recent book for Scarecrow Education is A White Teacher Talks About Race.
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