Essential Equine Studies

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Juni 2005



The author deals with complex issues on a step-by-step basis and provides detailed explanations of technical and scientific terminology. Question boxes act as reminders and revision aids throughout.


biochemistry; energetics; homeostasis; biodiversity; immune response; anatomy; physiology; connective tissue; circulatory system; respiratory system; digestive physiology; nervous, sensory and endocrine systems; urinary system; reproductive anatomy; and genetics.


Julie Brega's interest in eventing led her to work with competition horses and, having gained her BHSII, she set up her own equestrian business and trained many students for BHS examinations. Seeing the need for a structured system of study, she began to run correspondence courses and from this developed The Open College of Equine Studies, which now provides distance tuition of the highest quality to students worldwide from its base in Suffolk.

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