Emergency Preparedness for Libraries

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Despite the volumes of information they contain, few libraries, whose population at any given moment is as unpredictable as the weather, know how to prepare for, endure, and survive a disaster, whether natural or man-made, and even fewer put their know-how to paper. Emergency Preparedness for Libraries provides library management with a comprehensive guide to planning and executing emergency procedures. Based, in part, on an emergency preparedness seminar the author has presented for the American Library Association, Emergency Preparedness for Libraries provides library personnel with detailed instructions for protecting staff, patrons, and the facilities themselves.


Julie Todaro is Dean of Library Services and Head Librarian of the Rio Grande Campus Library of Austin Community College in Austin, Texas, and past-president of both the Association of College and Research Libraries and the Texas Library Association. She presents national workshops on staff development and management issues for all types and sizes of libraries. She is the author of Haworth Community and Junior College Libraries quarterly column "Nothing But Net" and LAMA's quarterly column "The Truth is Out There."


One can never be too prepared for emergency situations... This book is a big help in that it organizes ideas for what to do 'at the very least/right now' and then 'in the next year,' which makes tasks and goals seem achievable for busy library staff... Overall, this is a very informative book to have on hand to prepare a library for emergencies. American Reference Books Annual, 41st Volume
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