Palestinians Born in Exile: Diaspora and the Search for a Homeland

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This original ethnography records the experiences of Palestinians born in exile who have emigrated to the Palestinian homeland. Juliane Hammer interviews young adults between the ages of 16 and 35 to learn how their Palestinian identity has been affected by living in various Arab countries or the United States and then moving to the West Bank and Gaza. Their responses underscore how much the experience of living outside of Palestine has become integral to the Palestinian national character, even as Palestinians maintain an overwhelming sense of belonging to one another as a people.


1. Introduction: Palestinian Migration, Refugees, and Return; 2. Palestinian National Identity, Memory, and History; 3. The Country of My Dreams; 4. Return to Palestine: Dreams and Realities; 5. The Return Process in Comparison; 6. Rewriting of Identities in the Context of Diaspora and Return; 7. Home and the Future of Palestinian Identities


"Juliane Hammer has written an excellent book that captures the Palestinian experience of exile, life in the Diaspora, and return to Palestine." Philip Mattar, United States Institute for Peace, editor of Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa "Juliane Hammer's book is a welcome addition to the relatively meager literature on Palestinians who were born in exile and "returned" to Palestine..." - Journal of Palestine Studies
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