Dickens to Hardy 1837-1884: The Novel, the Past and Cultural Memory in the Nineteenth Century

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This authoritative survey examines how the Victorian middle-classes perceived themselves, through analyses of the literature of the period. Asking how the middle classes distinguished themselves from their forbears, Julian Wolfreys reads in detail major novels by:
- Charles Dickens
- Elizabeth Gaskell
- Wilkie Collins
- George Eliot
- Thomas Hardy.

Wolfreys explores the novelists' constructions of modernity, national identity and their understanding of 'becoming historical' in distinction from that of previous generations. He offers illuminating close readings of texts and examines narratives set in a recent past in order to investigate the role of cultural memory in the making of identity. Also featuring a helpful Chronology and an Annotated Bibliography to aid further study, this stimulating guide encourages readers to reassess the work of key writers of the nineteenth century.


General Editor's Preface.- Abbreviations and Chronological List of Publications.- Introduction.- PART I: CULTURAL MEMORY.- 'The same story...with a difference': The Pickwick Papers (1836-7).- 'Our Society': Cranford (1853).- PART II: QUESTIONS OF ENGLISHNESS: BEING & HISTORICITY.- 'The English mind': The Moonstone (1868).- 'Minutely and multitudinously scratched in all directions': Middlemarch (1871-72).- PART III: THE NEXT GENERATION.- 'The modern flower in a medieval flowerpot': The example of Thomas Hardy.- Chronology.- Annotated Bibliography.- Works Cited.- Index.


Julian Wolfreys


'By far the most engaging and persuasive account of Victorian fiction I have read. Dickens to Hardy 1837-1884 is packed with extraordinarily dexterous and astute readings, lively interventions in contemporary critical debates, and brilliant insights into how we should conceptualise the Victorian novel.' - John Brannigan, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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