The Dark Moon

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September 2000



From the author of ICE MAGE, FIRE MUSIC and ISLE OF THE DEAD - the first book in a new series of thrilling fantasy adventures.


Julia Gray' is the pseudonym of an author whose previous novels have sold over 300,000 copies.


The Empire of the Floating Islands, in Julia Gray's The Dark Moon, is a realm dominated by astrology and other means of prophetic divination, to the extent that people are confined as insane for picking potatoes at an unpropitious time. Its ruling class are as likely to fall foul of half-understood dogmas as unfortunate peasants; when the Empress gives birth to twins, of whom one is supposed to be the Guardian who will defend the land in its hour of greatest peril, and the other to embody all the evil the Guardian has rejected from his soul, scholars jump to conclusions as to which is which, confining the rainbow-eyed Terrel to a madhouse where he comes to naive maturity. Meanwhile, his malignant beautiful brother Jax comes to maturity as heir to the Empire, and knowing in his deepest heart what power he serves. This is the stuff of fairy-tale in its crude contrast of misunderstood good and rampant evil, but there is much charm here nonetheless; Jax is entertaining in his absolute evil glee and Terrel finds some attractive and interesting allies as he wanders around trying to escape his heritage.--Roz Kaveney, AMAZON.CO.UK REVIEW 'Julia Gray is fast gaining a reputation as one of the best new fantasy writers on the block' #NAME?
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