Night Calling

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Mai 2003



Night, the region of mystery, of inner and outer space, of dreams, transformation and refuge from the quotidian, was exalted by the Romantics. From midnight Venice to the choreography of the funeral corteg$e, from abandoned Czernobyl to the winter solstice, night's moods and companions hover at the edges of the poems in British poet Judy Gahagan's first collection, Autumn and winter are the chosen seasons, falling cadence the preferred mode.


Judy Gahagan has worked as an academic psychologist, teacher, journalist and ballet school pianist. She has also been a tutor in Psychology and Social Sciences for the Open University in Rome. Now - when not writing poetry and prose - she translates, and runs a course for the Poetry School on Archetypal Psychology and Poetry.


'Her poems delight in the gorgeous, the intricate, the baroque. Her apprehensions are both wide-eyed, and her commitment to the large gesture unreserved and passionate.'Mimi Khalvati'These poems are subtle and dense, with startling metaphors and cinematic qualities.' Patience Agbabi
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