Writing About Literature

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Written specifically for literature students, this book covers every stage of the essay-writing process, including choosing a topic; preliminary research; using reference books and online resources; critical thinking; sensible note-taking; arguing a case; making an essay plan; using spell check; presentation; dealing with dyslexia and writer's block; translation.
While the book deals with the technicalities of style, structure, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and spelling, the major emphasis is on the art and craft of writing.


1. Introduction 2. Reading 3. Research 4. Essay Topics 5. Structure 6. Writing 7. Some Advice to Look Twice 8. Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 9. Foreign Languages and Literature 10. Referencing 11. Presentation 12. Will Power


Judith Woolf is a Senior Lecturer at the University of York, where she teaches English and Italian literature.
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