Planning Your Wedding: A Step-By-Step Guide That Will Take You Right Through to the

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Mai 2003



Covering: - announcing the engagement - painless planning & paying - getting everyone organized - showers, hen parties & stag nights - the wedding ceremony and reception - happy honeymoons & thankyou letters... this book makes planning easy. It shows you how to do it your way, stay inside your budget and keep friends and family happy at the same time.


Getting engaged; paying for and planning the wedding; the bride and groom - roles and responsibilities; the wedding team - roles and responsibilities; showers, hen parties and stag nights; the wedding; the reception; making your wedding legal; invitations, speeches and thank you letters; wedding words and music; the countdown to your wedding; useful addresses, telephone numbers and websites.


Judith Verity is an expert on social situations. Her background in event management over the past thirty years has given her vast amounts of experience in how to cope with almost any eventuality from catering disasters to hurricanes. She has written many books on how to manage your life and in recent years has specialised in organising weddings and other big social events.
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