Mujer Frente Al Sol: La Creacion de Una Escritora

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April 2005



In this collection of essays woven with poems and folklore, Judith Ortiz Cofer tells the story of how she became a poet and writer. A native of Puerto Rico, Cofer came to the mainland as a child. Torn between two cultures and two languages, she learned early the power of words and how to wield them. Later, as an adult, demands from her family and her profession made it difficult for Cofer to find time to devote to her art, but her need and determination to express herself led to solutions that can help all artists challenged with the limits of time. Cofer recalls the family cuentos, or stories, that inspire her and shows how they speak to all artists, all women, all people. She encourages her readers to insist on the right to be themselves and to pursue their passions. A book that entertains, instructs, and enthralls, Mujer frente al sol will be invaluable to students of poetry and creative nonfiction and will be a staple in every creative writing classroom as well as an inspirat


Judith Ortiz Cofer is The Regents' and Franklin Professor of English and Creative Writing at the University of Georgia.
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