Vision and Values: Ethical Viewpoints in the Catholic Tradition

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August 1999



A concise introduction to Christian ethics, this book surveys the moral values of the Catholic tradition and applies them to contemporary issues. Prominent authors address such topics as scriptural sources, reverence for human life, sexuality and intimacy, family responsibilities, the concept of peace in the modern world, economics, and Catholic higher education."Vision and Values" is both an overview of the major perspectives which inform moral decisions and a guide to how these principles interrelate. It can help readers determine how to make complex moral judgments in a Christian context as it demonstrates the vitality of the Catholic theological tradition.


Introduction Judith A. Dwyer
1. Scriptural Sources Paul Danove
2. Christian Anthropology and Ethics Michael J. Scanlon
3. Turn to the Heavens and the Earth Elizabeth Johnson
4. Reverence for Human Life James J. McCartney
5. The Prophetic Role of Feminist Bioethics Marie J. Giblin
6. Sexuality and Intimacy William Werpehowski
7. Responsibilities within the Family Sarah-Vaughan Brakman
8. The Evolving Teaching on Peace within Roman Catholic Hierarchical Thought Judith A. Dwyer
9. The Dignity of Work and Economic Concerns Sally J. Scholz
10. Is Tolerance Enough? The Catholic University and the Common Good David J. Hollenbach, SJ


Judith A. Dwyer is executive vice president and chief administrative officer at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul/Minneapolis. Among her books is the New Dictionary of Catholic Social Thought (Liturgical Press, 1994).
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