Hungarian-English, English-Hungarian Dictionary & Phrasebook

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Hungarian is spoken by approximately ten million people in Hungary and by an additional three million people throughout Eastern Europe, the United States, and elsewhere in the world. This dictionary and phrasebook offers the essential vocabulary that English speakers will need while visiting some of Hungary's 1,000 hot springs and 1,500 castles.


Poverty, illbeing and wellbeing; The development environment; Stakeholders in community development; The principles of community development; The features and outcome of community development; The community as main actor in community development; The place and role of community development workers; Community development workers and their organisations; Participatory decision-making, problem-solving and management; Communication skills; Group facilitation and leadership development; Conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation; Mobilisation and motivation; Operational writing; Meetings; Public speaking; Contact-making; Participatory research methodology; The start of a project; Planning and implementation; Evaluation and control; The training dialogue; Planning and presenting a training workshop.


Judit Hajnal Ward is a professor of Hungarian at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She has been teaching Hungarian as a second language at the Debrecen Summer University for eleven years and it president of the American Hungarian Language Center, an affiliate of the American Hungarian Foundation. She lives in Somerset, New Jersey.
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