Votes for Women

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September 2001



A comprehensive anthology of the long and bloody history of women's struggle to get the vote. Written in the voices of the women themselves.


Joyce Marlow was born and grew up in Manchester. She started her working life as an actress before turning to full-time writing. She is the author of The Virago Book of Women and the Great War. Married with two sons, she lives in the High Peak district of Derbyshire.


A cleverly assembled patchwork of press cuttings, diary entries and journal extracts comes together here to make up a colourful and moving narrative of the women's suffrage movement SCOTSMAN [A] fascinating anthology... what makes it so interesting is not just the coverage of the main events...but the lesser known details. THE TIMES
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Untertitel: The Virago Book of Suffragettes. Sprache: Englisch.
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