Hertfordshire Bellfounders

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November 2003



This thoroughly researched book on church bells cast in Hertfordshire, England, brings to life the men who cast them and includes a nearly exhaustive catalog of their work. It includes biographical details of the founders--from the shadowy figures of John Clarke and John Grene in the late 1500s to John Dier, an excellent worker who was hanged for murder in 1603. Casting techniques of the different periods are explained, maps of the locations of each caster's work are provided, and more than 50 photographs of the relevant churches are included.


List of Figures List of Maps Foreword Sources Acknowledgments PART 1 HERTFORDSHIRE BEFORE 1600 Chapter 1: Bellfounding before 1550 Chapter 2: John Clarke I of Datchworth: The Graveley affair Chapter 3: John Grene: List of bells, their history and present condition Chapter 4: John Dier: His life and execution; his lettering and decorations; list of bells, their history and present condition. John Dellow: his trial and acquittal Chapter 5: John Clarke II PART 2 HERTFORDSHIRE 1600-1660 Chapter 6: Seventeenth century bellfounding techniques Chapter 7: Robert Oldfield; London competitors; Richard Holdfeld: Cambridge, Colchester; Robert Oldfield in Hertford; The Little Bell Chapter 8: Robert Oldfield's business; Analysis of his decorations and lettering; List of Oldfield's bells; Bronze mortars Chapter 9: James Butler of Bishop's Stortford; Brief notes and list of bells; Miles Graye III Chapter 10: William Whitmore of Watford


Joyce Dodds took a B.A.Hons. in Fine Art, specialising in stained glass and history of English medieval architecture, with wood carving at the University of Durham. She has been ringing church bells for more than 50 years and met her future husband, Geoff Dodds, whilst bell ringing but claims that from the start she "was more interested in what was on the other end of the rope than in what I was supposed to be doing". She was the co-researcher and illustrator of Church Bells of Hertfordshire by Geoffrey Dodds, 1994 (now out of print). She has two daughters and two grand daughters.

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