Bedouin Weaving

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Portable and practical, tough and colourful, Bedouin textiles played until recent times a vital and functional part in the life of the Arab nomads. Bedouin women were expected to master the art of making entire tents as well as a wide range of rugs, saddlebags and other equipment able to withstand the rigours of the desert.


Introduction; Textiles in Saudi Arabia; The Bedouin & their Lifestyle; The Weavers; The Techniques of Spinning, Dyeing & Weaving; Some Bedouin Textiles from Northern Arabia; Bedouin Weaving of Other Arab Countries; Epilogue; Index.


"There is a bitter-sweet quality to this book, describing as it does an ancient, beautiful and once essential traditional craft in probably terminal decline...Other books have covered similar ground to this one with regard to the Gulf...But none, to my knowledge, describes the research process in such a charming and illuminating way, nor covers the weaving techniques in such instructive detail." Shelagh Weir, The Middle East in London, October 2010
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