How to Scrapbook

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Joy Aitman explains all the basic techniques of scrapbooking and shows you how to create beautiful layouts using holiday photographs, a school photograph and a wedding picture. Cropping is one of the basics of scrapbooking and Sarah McKenna shows how to use dozens of techniques such as slicing, silhouetting, montage and mosaics to enhance your pages. Sarah then shows how eyelets can be used to attach vellu, acetate and fabric to your pages, to add embellishments and accents and to provide emphasis and detail. Clear step-by-step demonstrations are accompanied by over a hundred wonderful layouts to inspire you.


Joy Aitman developed a passion for scrapbooking several years ago, and has never looked back. From being a teacher of art-based textiles, she is now part owner of a thriving scrapbooking company - Cotswold Keepsakes. She runs regular workshops, teaching her skills to many enthusiastic scrapbookers. Sarah McKenna discovered scrapbooking in 1997 and saw it as a means of preserving and enhancing her photographs. In addition to creating her own scrapbooks, she runs workshops on many aspects of scrapbooking. Sarah writes articles on photography and scrapbooking for a range of publications in the UK and US.

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