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This book is the result of a long and fruitful conversation among practitioners of two very different fields: ancient history and political theory. The topic of the conversation is classical Greek democracy and its contemporary relevance.


Introduction: Democracies Ancient and Modern3
The Strong Principle of Equality and the Archaic Origins of Greek Democracy19
Shares and Rights: "Citizenship" Greek Style and American Style49
Transgression, Equality, and Voice63
The Ancient Athenian and the Modern Liberal View of Liberty as a Democratic Ideal91
Law, Freedom, and the Concept of Citizens' Rights in Democratic Athens105
Demos versus "We, the People": Freedom and Democracy Ancient and Modern121
Equalities and Inequalities in Athenian Democracy139
Comparatively Equal175
Athenian Equality: A Constant Surrounded by Flux187
Resistance to Change in the Law at Athens203
Civil Society, Dionysiac Festival, and the Athenian Democracy217
Oath Ritual and the Male Community at Athens227
Democratic Contradictions and the Synoptic Illusion of Euripides' Ion249
Aristotle and the Idea of Liberal Education271
Hoplites into Democrats: The Changing Ideology of Athenian Infantry289
The Athenian Trireme, School of Democracy313
Reading Democracy: "Socratic" Dialogues and the Political Education of Democratic Citizens327
Misreading Democracy: Peter Euben and the Gorgias361
Ancient Greek Democracy and the Modern Knowledge-Based Organization: Reflections on the Ideology of Two Revolutions377


The excellent collection of essays edited by Ober and Hedrick rewards the reader with a state-of-the-art survey from different perspectives on the topic of ancient democracy: what characterizes all the essays is the constant attention to the lesson that modern democracy can learn from looking back to its ancestral model.
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