My Friend Is Struggling with Divorce of Parents

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März 2009



When fifteenyearold Jessica Ingram hears those words she knows she will never be the same. Suddenly her familyand her emotionsare in pieces. She feels as though her whole world is coming apart. Do you know any students like Jessica who are facing the separation or divorce of parents? What can you say or do to help? What do they need most right now? Perhaps more than any time in their lives they need a "911 friend"a friend who .," .is always loyal and a brother and sister who is born to help in time of need" (Prov. 1717). Through the aid of a gripping truetolife story, Josh McDowell, along with Ed Stewart, offers biblical insights and practical instruction on what your friends can do when faced with the breakup of a home. But more importantly, you will discover how to become a true source of comfort, encouragement, and support to them during the ordeal. This book is designed for you to read first and then give to your friend. And if you are that person faced with your parent's divorce, you will learn what to expect in the weeks and months ahead. But more than that, you will discover how to experience the comfort, encouragement, and support you need from both God and a friendmost likely the friend who gave you this book.

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