Waverly and the Waverly Community House

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When the Henry Belin Jr. Waverly Community House and Park was dedicated in 1920, Margaretta E. Belin intended both to honor her husband and benefit residents of Abington Township. The community house was envisioned by its progressive donor as the educational, cultural, and social heart of rural Waverly. By 1930, when Margaretta and Henryas six children added land and two wings to the original building in honor of their mother, chautauquas, concerts, clubs, sports teams, and Scout troops were filling the annual calendar of events. On site, a post office provided mail delivery, a canteen supplied merchandise from ammonia to pencils, and residents of Dalton, Factoryville, Clarks Summit, and Clarks Green pumped gasoline. No activity, however, was more celebrated both locally and regionally than the annual fair that united Waverly in purpose, labor, and pleasure at summeras end. Since its inception, the Waverly Community House has set and achieved ambitious goals to enrich community life, a mission that successive generations have strived to follow.

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