Faith in Exile: Seeking Hope in Times of Doubt

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Mai 2003



This beautifully written book points the way for all those who feel -- for whatever reason -- displaced from their church and exiled from their rightful relationship with God. Faith in Exile shows how a rich spiritual life is possible even without institutional religion. Using universal themes of place, diligence, and hope, the author addresses the yearnings of all seekers, encouraging them on their path to God.Warmly inviting, this new book ---- helps seekers find a way back from exile to spirituality and to themselves.-- shows how spirituality happens in the here and now, the everyday.-- helps seekers find the displaced God who followed them into exile.


Joseph T. Kelley, who holds a Ph.D. in psychology of religion from Boston University and a D.Min. in clinical psychology, is vice president for mission effectiveness at Merrimack College, N. Andover, MA.
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