Writing and Publishing for Academic Authors

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November 1996



This book offers an inside look at how to publish scholarly articles, book reviews, grants, magazine articles, and commercial and scholarly books.


If Not Now, When?, Joseph M. Moxley; Strategies for Enhancing Scholarly Productivity, Robert Boice; Freewriting and the Problem of Wheat and Tares, Peter Elbow; Publishing Scholarship in Humanistic Disciplines - Joining the Conversation, Gary A. Olson; Planning and Revising Research Reports, Donald W. Fiske; Reviewing Books for Scholarly Journals, Robin W. Erwin; The Art and Agendas of Writing a Successful Textbook Proposal, Paul A. Smith; From Proposal to Podium - Publishing Papers from Academic Conferences in Book Form, Largetta T. Lenker; From Podium to Print - Editing Conference Papers and Publishing the Dissertation, Sara Deats; University Presses - In and Out of the Ivory Tower, Naomi B. Pascal; How to Find and Catch a Catch - Writing the Winning Grant Proposal, Judith Ruderman; Co-authoring for Scholarly Publication - How Should You Collaborate?, Evelyn Ashton-Jones; Why Not Write for Commercial Publication?, Ben Johnson; Cyber-Property - Can We Cite and Copywrite on the Internet?, Janice Walker; Scholarhip Reconsidered, Again - Questions for the Future, Todd Taylor.


Joseph M. Moxley is a Professor of English at the University of South Florida. Todd W. Taylor is an instructor of English at the University of South Florida. They live in Tampa, Florida.


In an era of publish or perish every academic has to devise a strategy to avoid that less pleasant alternative. I know of no more effective aid towards achieving this desideratum than the guidepost that Professor Moxley and Taylor have put at our disposal.--Nicholas Rescher, University of Pittsburgh
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