Never Trust a Politician: A Critical Review of Politics and Politicians

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Here is a book the average citizen will love and the politicians of all the major parties will probably hate. This is a book that gives equal criticism to democrats, liberals, far left liberals, republicans, conservatives, far right conservatives and libertarians. Some of the material covered in this book include: The inherent evil of politics; the arrogance of power; why you should never trust a politician who always seeks to raise your taxes, who constantly uses religion or God in their speeches, who does not fully support the second amendment and the right to self-defense. Other questions explored in this book include: What is wrong with the democratic party? What is wrong with the republican party? What is wrong with the libertarian party? This is a book for people who are tired of being lied to and conned by politicians who enjoy insulting your intelligence. This is a book for independent minded, thinking individuals who refuse to be led by the nose by any political party or radical political group.

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