Colonial Effects

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August 2001



This book analyzes how modern Jordanian identity was created and defined. Massad studies two key institutions, the law and the military, and uses them to create an original and precise analysis of the development of Jordanian national identity in the postcolonial period.
The author engages recent scholarly debates on nationalism and richly fulfills the analytical promise of Michel Foucault's insight that modern institutions of power have productive, not merely repressive or coercive, capacities -- though Massad also stresses their continued repressive function.
The argument is advanced by a consideration of evidence, including images produced by state tourist agencies aimed at attracting Western visitors, the changing and precarious position of women in the newly constructed national space, and such practices as soccer games, music, songs, food, clothing, and shifting accents and dialects.


IntroductionLaw, Military, and DisciplineTradition and ModernityHistorical Moments
Part I: Codifying the Nation: Law and the Articulation of National Identity in JordanThe Prehistory of Juridical PostcolonialityNational TimeNational SpaceNational Territory and PaternityNationalizing Non-NationalsLosing Nationality: The Law Giveth and the Law Taketh AwayWomen and Children
Part II: Different Spaces as Different Times: Law and Geography in Jordanian NationalismDifferent Species of Citizens: Women and BedouinsBedouins and National CitizenshipNationalist Tribalism or Tribalist Nationalism: The DebateJordanian Culture in an International FrameWomen Between the Public and Private SpheresWomen in PublicWomen and Politics
Part III: Cultural Syncretism or Colonial Mimic Men: Jordan's Bedouins and the Military Basis of National IdentityThe Bedouin ChoiceCultural Imperialism and DisciplineCultural Cross-Dressing as EpistemologyImperialism as EducatorMasculinity, Culture, and WomenTransforming the BedouinsPersuasion, Education, and Surveillance
Part IV: Nationalizing the Military: Colonial Legacy as National HeritageAnticolonial Nationalism and the ArmyKing Husayn and the Nationalist OfficersClash of the Titans: Glubb Pasha and the Uneasy King"Arabizing" the Jordanian ArmyThe Palace Coup and the End of an EraPalace Repression and the Forgiving KingPalestinians and the MilitaryThreatening the Nation's Masculinity and Religious "Tradition"The Military and the New JordanColonial or National Legacy
Part V: The Nation as an Elastic Entity: The Expansion and Contraction of JordanExpanding the Nation: The Road to AnnexationThe Jericho ConferenceThe New JordanPalestinians and the West BankCompeting Representatives: The PLO and JordanToward Civil WarA New Nationalist EraClothes, Accents, and Football: Asserting Post -- Civil War JordaniannessContracting the Nation: The Road to "The Severing of Ties"Who Is Jordanian?Concluding Remarks


Joseph A. Massad


"Massad, puts forward a sophisticated constitutive analysis of Jordan's 'national' identity, singling out the different turns and twists in the formation of the 'Jordanian' character and make-up." -- British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
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