Federal Tax Policy

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August 1987



This fifth edition of Federal Tax Policy, like its predecessors, is intended to explain such issues so that the interested citizen may better understand and contribute to public discussion of tax policy. This edition reflects tax developments between 1983 and 1987 and emphasizes the newer issues: comprehensive income taxation, the effects of taxation on economic incentives, inflation adjustments for income tax purposes, the relative merits of graduated income taxes and expenditure taxes, and changes in the fiscal relations between the federal and the state and local governments.


Joseph A. Pechman is a former director of Economic Studies and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C., USA.


"Joseph A. Pechman's Federal Tax Policy, now in its Fourth Edition, is a classic...Indeed, the book is a remarkable compendium of taxes, covering their history and current status, the legislative process that enacts them, and the policy issues being debated." -- National Forum "...a gem as an introduction to the subject--a shining combination of good writing and good thinking." -- National Tax Journal "...a gem as an introduction to the subject--a shining combination of good writing and good thinking. Pechman demonstrates again his ability to clarify both the fiscal and social significance of U.S. tax policy. This third crammed with useful information for officials, economists, and taxpayers." -- The Wilson Quarterly "Joseph Pechman's Federal Tax Policy, written in a style accessible to the nonspecialist, is a superb introduction to this complex area of public policy." -- The Wall Street Review of Books "...retains the same eminently readable style. The author again manages to summarize policy issues in clear and concise manner without repressing his own view point. Written to inform the nonexpert, the book provides valuable insights for expert and nonexpert alike." -- Journal of Finance
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