Christian Morality: The Word Becomes Flesh

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September 1987



In this third collection of his essays on Christian ethics, Josef Fuchs takes up a number of pressing questions both in fundamental and applied ethics.Several essays explore the biblical basis for establishing Christian norms and principles for ethical decision-making. These deal in detail with th enature of human conscience and the effect on it fo religious values in a pluralistic culture. The author also deals with current and pressing issues of a Christian moral life: continuity and change in moral teaching as exemplified by the debate over religious freedom; pluralism in the understanding of Christian marriage as early as the twelfth century; bioethical problems dealing with the beginning and end of human life; and the general question, is there a Catholic ethical moral theology?


"These diverse essays...cover most of the significant questions that have surfaced in fundamental moral theology since Vatican II.... particularly welcome to those who, aware of his stature as a moralist, are looking for an access to his thought....highly recommended." -- "America"
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