Elastic Wave Propagation and Generation in Seismology

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Bridging the gap between introductory textbooks and advanced monographs, this book provides the necessary mathematical tools to tackle seismological problems and demonstrates how to apply them. Including student exercises, for which solutions are available on a dedicated website, it appeals to advanced undergraduate and graduate students. It is also a useful reference volume for researchers wishing to "brush up" on fundamentals before they study more advanced topics in seismology.


Preface; 1. Introduction to tensors and dyadics; 2. Deformation: strain and rotation tensors; 3. The stress tensor; 4. Linear elasticity: the elastic wave equation; 5. Scalar and elastic waves in unbounded media; 6. Plane waves in simple models with plane boundaries; 7. Surface waves in simple models: dispersive waves; 8. Ray theory; 9. Seismic point sources in unbounded homogeneous media; 10. The earthquake source in unbounded media; 11. Anelastic attenuation; Appendix A. Introduction to the theory of distributions; Appendix B. The Hilbert transform; Appendix C. Green's function for the 3-D scalar wave equation; Appendix D. Proof of equation (9.5.12); Appendix E. Proof of equation (9.13.1); References; Index.


'Overall I recommend Elastic Wave Propagation and Generation in Seismology for an introductory course in theoretical seismology, especially if it is augmented with practical experience. The full text could be comfortably covered over the course of one semester and can serve as a helpful guide to instructors and students alike.' EOS '... will do well as an intermediate, but concentrated textbook in seismological theory.' The Leading Edge 'The author must be congratulated for providing students of seismology with a very useful textbook.' Journal of Seismology 'I enjoyed reading this book and was impressed with the breadth and depth of the material, and how thoroughly the author presented it ... The intermediate-level tutorial nature of the book will appeal to geophysicists and students who want to improve their understanding of elastic wave propagation theory. I recommend it highly. The Leading Edge
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