Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy

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Starting with patient assessment, the authors explain the physiological basis of all major cardiopulmonary problems before describing the physiotherapy interventions possible - this ensures the reader understands why the problems occur and not just how to treat them. The book concludes with a detailed glossary, an appendix describing all the treatment methods required, and a final section provides case studies to enhance problem-based learning. The unique combination of physiology, the latest evidence, and detailed methodologies and case studies, ensures that Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy is an essential purchase for all undergraduates. Postgraduate students in their first years of training will also benefit from quick access to the core information they need on a daily basis.


Section 1: Assessment Tools Section 2: Pathophysiology Section 3: Physiotherapy Techniques and Adjuncts Section 4: Case Studies and Self-Assessment
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