Stress Relief to Go: Yoga * Meditation * Reiki * Pilates *Feng Shui * and More...

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Whether it's caused by a high-octane job, caring for the kids, or trying to juggle too many things at once, stress is a fact of life. But this simple new guide will help break the vicious cycle and restore calm with quick, easy, and manageable changes to your daily routine-including eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. You'll also find an inviting assortment of therapies to suit any lifestyle and reduce or even eliminate anxiety: aromatherapy, feng shui, reiki, yoga, chi kung, crystal healing, meditation, neurolinguistic programming, and visualization. This is for everyone seeking a better balance between work, family, and friendships; who wants a calmer and more efficient daily routine; and longs for a more contented, pleasurable life all around.


Chapter 1 A stressful life? Chapter 2 Starting your day Chapter 3 Stress-free travel Chapter 4 De-stressing the working day Chapter 5 Social and family life Index


Jonathan Hilton is a freelance writer and editor with a wide experience of environmental and complementary health subjects. Over the past 15 years, Jonathan has contributed to or edited around 20 specialist books on subjects including reflexology, yoga, tai chi, colour healing, allergen-free living and constructing and furnishing environmentally low-impact homes and offices. His most recent work is the Gaia book Wild Food.
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