Living Willow Sculpture

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November 2000



Children will enjoy making and playing in wigwams, domes and tunnels. More advanced projects, suitable for adults, include fences, chairs and arbours. Jon Warnes discusses the tools you need, planting the willow, joining, grafting and weaving in detail, and includes other makers' work in different styles to inspire you to create your own designs.


Introduction, Materials and Equipment, Working with Willow - Planning a Project, Planting, Joining and Grafting, Weaving - Care and Maintenance, Step-by-step projects, Wigwams and Domes, Fences and Tunnels, Chairs, Arbours and Bowers, Advanced Structures, Conclusion, Index


Jon Warnes developed a keen interest in working with wood after volunteering to do some coppicing work in the early nineties. Since then he has developed his woodland craft skills and he now runs regular rustic furniture courses at the Centre of Alternative Technology in Mid Wales, the the Green Wood Trust in Shropshire. He also runs living willow courses which include demonstrations on how to make living willow chairs.


Jon Warnes describes the process of making a range of living willow structures and shapes, using diagrams, photographs and clear instructions. Many of the ideas are particularly relevant to schools, although perhaps more detail would be needed for the complete beginner leading a project with a class. The book recommends visiting some places for inspiration (be warned that it includes the Earth Centre in Doncaster which is now closed). The list of suppliers given on the Search Press website is up to date and potentially invaluable.-START
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