Java 6 Platform Revealed

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1st and only book that covers new Java 6 (should be)
Author, John Zukowski, is Java industry expert and insider
Covers all that's new and emerging with this new Java 6 SE (Standard Edition), in time for next year's JavaOne


  1. Java SE 6 at a Glance
  2. Language and Utility Updates
  3. I/O, Networking, and Security Updates
  4. AWT and Swing Updates
  5. JDBC 4.0
  6. Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  7. Web Services
  8. The Java Compiler API
  9. Scripting and JSR 223
  10. Pluggable Annotation Processing Updates


John Zukowski, IEEE, is a freelance writer and strategic Java consultant for JZ Ventures, Inc. He serves as the resident guru for a number of jGuru's community-driven FAQs ( He is a Java columnist for Sun's Java Developer Connection, IBM's developerWorks, and JavaWorld. His latest books are Java Collections (Apress, 2001), Definitive Guide to Swing for Java 2 (Apress, 2000), and Mastering Java 1.4 (Sybex, 2002). He's also the author of Borland's JBuilder: No Experience Required (Sybex, 1997).

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