Eberhard Jungel: An Introduction to His Theology

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Dezember 1986



The first introduction in any language to the work of leading contemporary Protestant theologian Eberhard J ngel.


Preface; A note of references; Acknowledgement; Introduction; 1. Paul and Jesus; 2. God's being is in becoming; 3. Christology: exegesis and dogmatics; 4. God the mystery of the world (1) speaking about God; 5. God the mystery of the world (2): thinking about God; 6. God the mystery of the world (3): the human god; 7. Atheism and the theology of death; 8. Anthropology and justification; 9. Anthropology and analogy; 10. Towards a theology of the natural; Conclusion; Notes; Abbreviations; Bibliography; Index.


'This pioneering venture by J. B. Webster into the thought of Eberhard Jungel will certainly still be consulted when other books on this considerable theologian have been written ... an admirably lucid account of the link between Jungel's interest in the function of language, especially metaphor, and his theology of revelation through the Word of God.' Classical Review ' ... brilliant achievement'. Journal of the American Academy of Religion
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