The Habit of Lying: Sacrificial Studies in Literature, Philosophy, and Fashion Theory

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März 2002



An investigation of deceit and concealment that proposes a new theory of fiction, both as a new genre of literature and as a strategy in the social world.


Introduction; Part One: Philosophy; 1. The Liar as Scapegoat: Rationality and Unanimity; 2. The Analytics of Fiction; Part Two: Literature; 3. Lying For No Reason: Lying and Obscenity in Defoe; 4. Lies and Truth: Mimetic-Sacrificial Falsification in Stendhal; 5. Fundaments and Accidents: Mimesis and Mendacity in Molloy; 6. The Violence of Fiction: Concealment and Sacrifice in Malone Dies and The Unnamable; Part Three: Dress; 7. Fashion Theory; Conclusion; Appendix: On Paul de Man and Rene Girard


John Vignaux Smyth is Chair of the Department of English at Portland State University. He is the author of "A Question of Eros: Irony in Sterne, Kierkegaard, and Barthes."


""The Habit of Lying" contributes importantly to a new understanding of a variety of issues and texts, literary and philosophical. Smyth deploys a flawlessly elegant style, ample range of research, analytic precision, and a restrained but confident sense of humor. The overall achievement is remarkable, even stunning."--Andrew McKenna, Loyola University, Chicago
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