Urban Myths: 210 Poems

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Mai 2006



Winner 2006 CJ Dennis Prize for Poetry (Victorian Premier's Literary Awards)
"Urban Myths: 210 Poems" brings the best work to date from a poet considered one of the most original of his generation in Australia, together with a generous selection of new work. Smart, wry and very stylish, John Tranter's poems investigate the vagaries of perception and the ability of language to converge life, imagination and art so that we arrive, unexpectedly, at the deepest human mysteries. JUDGES REPORT - Victorian Premier's Literary Awards
The new and uncollected poems in John Tranter's "Urban Myths" make a significant addition to his oeuvre. Control and ease are evident in the writing, which displays personages, occasions and moods of the metropolitan modern world. Tranter's latest poems refresh through the exercise of urbane skills: this is a poet suave and playful, but never aloof; linguistically various, assured in style, and never less than fully attentive.

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