Hardening Linux

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"The proactive attitude towards implementing security, combined with the authors' time-tested methods, are sure to produce dramatic results!" --Dave Wreski, CEO, Guardian Digital & co-author of Linux Security HOWTOTake a proactive approach to Enterprise Linux security by implementing preventive measures against attacks--before they occur. Written by a team of Linux security experts, this hands-on resource provides concrete steps you can take immediately as well as ongoing actions to ensure long-term security. Features include examples using Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3.0, and Novell's SUSE Linux versions SLES8 and SLES9. Get complete details on how to systematically harden your network from the ground up, as well as strategies for getting company-wide support for your security plan.Features a four-part hardening methodology: Do This Now!--Important steps to lockdown your system from further attack Take It From The Top--Systematic approach to hardening your enterprise from the top down, focusing on network access, software accessibility, data access, storage, and communications Once Is Never Enough!--Ongoing monitoring and assessment plan to keep your network secure, including patch management, auditing, and log file scanning How to Succeed at Hardening Your Linux Systems--Strategies for getting budget approval, management buy-in, and employee cooperation for your security program John H. Terpstra is co-founder of the Samba Team and serves on the Linux Standards Base. He previously worked as VP of Technology for Caldera, and VP of Development for Turbolinux. Paul Love, CISSP, CISA, CISM, Security+, is technical editor for more than 10 best selling Linux and Unix books. Hemanages security at a large utilities service provider, and holds an MS in Network Security. Ronald P. Reck's experience blends linguistics, NLP, and XML with UNIX systems. As a civilian contractor, he tackles large computational problems for distinguished clientele. Tim Scanlon


Part I: Do These Seven Things First

Chapter 1: Critical First Steps

Part II: Take It From The Top: The Systematic Hardening Process

Chapter 2: Hardening Network Access: Disable Unnecessary Services

Chapter 3: Installing Firewalls and Filters

Chapter 4: Hardening Software Accessibility

Chapter 5: Preparing for Disaster

Chapter 6: Hardening Access Controls

Chapter 7: Hardening Data Storage

Chapter 8: Hardening Authentication and User Identity

Chapter 9: Restricted Execution Environments

Chapter 10: Hardening Communications

Part III: Once Is Never Enough!

Chapter 11: Install Network Monitoring Software

Chapter 12: Automatic Logfile Scanning

Chapter 13: Patch Management and Monitoring

Chapter 14: Self-Monitoring Tools

Part IV: How to Succeed at Hardening Linux

Chapter 15: Budget Acquisition and Corporate Commitment to Security

Chapter 16: Establishing a Security Campaign

Appendix A: Additional Linux Security Resources


John H. Terpstra (Draper, Utah) is CEO/President or PrimaStasys, Inc., co-founder of the Samba-Team, former VP Technology with Caldera, VP of Development for TurboLinux, and he serves on the Linux Standards Base (the body that sets the specifications for Linux), as well as the Linux Professional Institute Academic Council, responsible for reviewing LPI Certification Exam Questions for accuracy, relevance, and method.
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