Manual for the Temperament and Atypical Behavior Scale (Tabs): Early Childhood Indicators of Developmental Dysfunction

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TABS helps professionals with the behavioral profiles associated with the diagnosis of: - general developmental delays- language-based learning disabilities- fragile X syndrome- seizure disorders- autism spectrum disorders- ADHD- regulatory disorders- prenatal alcohol and drug exposure- neurofibromatosis- Sotos syndrome- Williams syndrome- acquired brain injury- Rett syndrome.


Stephen J. Bagnato, Ed.D., NCSP, is a developmental school psychologist and professor of pediatrics and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh Schools of Medicine and Education. Dr. Bagnato holds joint appointments in psychology in education/applied developmental psychology and clinical/developmental psychology at the university. He is Director of the Early Childhood Partnerships Program at the university and Core Interdisciplinary Leadership Team Faculty Member for The University, Community, Leaders, and Individuals with Disabilities (UCLID) Center at the University of Pittsburgh. In 1986, Dr. Bagnato received the Braintree Hospital National Brain Injury Research Award for his research on the impact of interdisciplinary intervention for young children with acquired and congenital brain injuries. In 2001, he was recipient of the University of Pittsburgh Chancellor's Distinguished Public Service Award for the innovation and community impact of his consultation and research programs in early childhood partnerships, and in 2008, Dr. Bagnato received The Pennsylvania State University Excellence in Education Alumni Award for his career of innovative national and international service and research in education and psychology. Dr. Bagnato was recently appointed to Governor Rendell's Pennsylvania Early Learning Council, a task force to influence early childhood intervention policy and practices through systems integration efforts among education, public welfare, and health. Dr. Bagnato specializes in authentic curriculum-based assessment and applied program evaluation research for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at developmental risk and with neurodevelopmental disabilities and neurobehavioral disorders and their families. He has published more than 120 applied research studies and professional articles in early childhood care and education, early intervention, early childhood special education, school psychology, neurodevelopmental disabilities, and developmental neuropsychology. Dr. Bagnato is Director of Early Childhood Partnerships (ECP; http: //, a community-based consultation, training, technical assistance, and research collaborative between Children's Hospital and The UCLID Center at the University of Pittsburgh with community partners. For more than 10 years, Dr. Bagnato and his ECP program have been funded by the Heinz Endowments to conduct longitudinal research on the impact and outcomes of high-quality early childhood intervention programs on nearly 15,000 high-risk children in 30 school districts and regions across Pennsylvania (e.g., Early Childhood Initiative, Pre-K Counts). Dr. Bagnato is a fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA) in Division 16 and he received the 1995 Best Research Article Award from Division 16 of APA (with John T. Neisworth) for his "national study on the social and treatment invalidity of intelligence testing in early childhood intervention." He is coauthor of the professional "best practice" policy statements and standards on early childhood assessment, evaluation, and early intervention for The National Association of School Psychologists and the Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children. Dr. Hunt was Project Manager for the Child-Parent Attachment Project, University of Virginia Schools of Medicine and Curry School of Education. She provided consultation and training in behavior management and early intervention for various agencies through her private practice as a behavioral consultant to families and professionals. Her previous positions include a postdoctoral fellowship in psychology at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She joined the faculty there and developed a community-based, family-centered clinic to assist local agencies in providing specialized early intervention services for children with severe behavior problems.
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