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John Sturrock's classic explication of Structuralism represents the most succinct and balanced survey available of a major critical movement associated with the thought of such key figures as Levi-Strauss, Foucault, Barthes, Lacan and Althusser theory.
A classic work in literary and cultural theory.
Reissued to coincide with calls for a return to structuralism.
Includes a new introduction by Jean-Michel Rabate, which explores developments in the reception of structuralist theory in the past five to ten years.


Introduction 2003: Are you History? Jean-Michel Rabate. Introduction to the second edition: John Sturrock. Language. Social Sciences. Semiotics. Literature. Post-Structuralism. Conclusion. Further Reading. Notes. Index.


John Sturrock is a former literary journalist, sometime deputy editor of the TLS, and a journalist on the London Review of Books. Jean-Michel Rabat teaches in the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania and was a student of Helene Cixous and of Jacques Derrida at the Ecole Normale Superieure. He is signed to write our Manifesto on The Future of Theory. He has written a thesis on Joyce, Pound and Hermann Broch. He has published books on Pound (Language, Sexuality and Ideology in the Cantos), on Joyce (Authorized Reader; Joyce Upon the Void), on Beckett (Beckett avant Beckett), on Thomas Bernhard (Thomas Bernhard) and on a variety of problems connected with critical theory and the aesthetics of modernism (La Beaut' AmSre, La Penultieme est morte, published in English as Ghosts of Modernity.) He is also a Director for the College International de Philosophic (Paris). He is currently editing the proceedings of a Roland Barthes Conference at U Penn. For twelve years he was a Professor of English Literature in Dijon, and he has also taught in Paris, and in Montreal.
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