Trust the Text: Language, Corpus and Discourse

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Juni 2004



John Sinclair is one of the most influential figures in world linguistics, an innovator who revolutionized the study of spoken discourse and pioneered corpus-based research.
In this definitive collection, papers reflecting his most important work of the past decade have been collated and organized into meaningful sections, providing a clear statement of Sinclair's thinking and research.
* "Foundations" outlines the major theoretical principles on which subsequent chapters are constructed;
* "The organization of text" traces the development of Sinclair's insights into the relationship between text structure and dialogue;
* "Lexis and grammar" presents core papers on the description of vocabulary, its relationship with grammar and the role of corpus analysis in describing lexical patterns.
Featuring introductions and summaries of key arguments, "Trust the Text "is an essential addition to any linguist's bookshelf.


' ... the book contains valuable insights from which both discourse analysts and corpus linguistics will benefit.' - BaaL News
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