Twilight of the Longball Gods: Dispatches from the Disappearing Heart of Baseball

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A veteran sportswriter's report from the bush leagues and the sandlot; tributes to Negro leaguers, mining town dreamers and certifiable eccentrics who give baseball its heart and soul.


John Schulian is the author of Writers' Fighters and Other Sweet Scientists, the writing in which has been compared to that of Red Smith and A.J. Liebling. His widely anthologized work has been included in The Best American Sports Writing 1994, ten editions of Best Sports Stories, and Sports Illustrated's Fifty Years of Great Writing.


"One key piece in this volume examines the life and legacy of Negro League great Josh Gibson, weaving together interviews with Josh's son and former team-mates. Schulian's work has been widely anthologized, and aficionados of good baseball writing will appreciate this tome." Library Journal "John Schulian is one of the finest writers of our time, and an excellent reporter with it. He honors baseball with affection, laughter and the truth."--W.C. Heinz, author of What a Time It Was, Run to Daylight and The Professional "I remember virtually all of these stories from the times they were written. These stories are old friends, met in a lifetime of reading just about anything and everything John Schulian ever wrote. To find them gathered together like this is to order up a few rounds of beer in longneck bottles, drop a buck into the jukebox, and know that a very good night awaits."--Leigh Montville, author of Ted Williams "In Twilight of the Long-ball Gods, John Schulian offers the literate sports enthusiast one of the most readable of all baseball collections. From Negro League home-run king Josh Gibson to the incomparable promoter Bill Veeck, on subjects ranging from the legendary to the off-beat, Schulian applies the keen intelligence and insight of the realist and the lyric style of the poet."--William Nack, author of Secretariat and My Turf
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