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November 1997



Chopin's "E minor" and "F minor" piano concertos played a vital role in his career as a composer, pianist, and teacher. This Cambridge Music Handbook reevaluates these works and others by Chopin so that their many outstanding qualities--and the composer's genius--can be fully appreciated. The book also includes a survey of the critical, editorial, and performance histories of the works considered.


Preface; 1. Contexts; 2 Creation; 3. Interpretation; 4. Re-evaluation; 5. Chopin's third concerto; Appendices; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'John Rink maintains the high standards of previous handbooks in the series. The book is extremely informative and well documented, and Rink's concise prose is nicely varied in tone, whether historical, analytical, or as in some places, highly personal in interpretation. Directed at a wide audience of performers, academics and general readers, Rink's perceptive musical insights carry the authority of both scholar and skilled performer.' National Early Music Association
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Untertitel: The Piano Concertos. 'Cambridge Music Handbooks'. 9 music examples. Sprache: Englisch.
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