The Road to Damascus

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Juli 2005



Based on a story fragment by Keith Laumer, creator of the Bolo Brigade. When a ruthless political regime seizes power on a world struggling to recover from alien invasion, a former war hero finds herself leading a desperate band of freedom fighters.


John Ringo is the author of the "New York Times" best-selling Posleen War series, so far comprising "A Hymn Before Battle," "Gust Front," "When the Devil Dances," and "Hell's Faire." He is also co-author with David Weber of the Prince Roger series, so far consisting of "March Upcountry," "March to the Sea," and "March to the Stars." He has appeared on Fox News as a guest commentator and has written an op-ed column for "The New York Post." A veteran of the 82nd Airborne, he brings first-hand knowledge of battle and the military life to his SF.Linda Evans is coauthor with Robert Asprin of four novels in the Time Scout series for Baen, and has also collaborated with him on the recent "For King & Country." An expert on weapons both modern and ancient, she puts her expertise to good use in her science fiction. She has also written the novel "Far Edge of Darkness" (Baen), and has written short novels for earlier volumes in the popular Bolo series. She lives in Archer, FL.
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Untertitel: 'Bolos'. Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
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