Carl Schmitt's Critique of Liberalism

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McCormick furnishes a comprehensive account of Carl Schmitt's critique of liberalism.


Introduction; Part I. Between Critical Theory and Political Existentialism: Schmitt's Confrontation with Technology: 1. Antinomies of 'economic-technical thought': attempting to transcend Weber's Categories of Modernity; 2. Myth as antidote to the 'Age of Neutralizations': Nietszche and cultural conflict as response to technology; Part II. Liberalism as Technology's Infiltration of Politics: 3. Emergency powers; 4. Representation; 5. Law; 6. The state; Part III. Liberalism and Fascism: Technology and Politics: Epilogue and summary; Conclusion.


"...this extremely well researched work is filled with nuanced and intelligent discussions of Schmitt's legal philosophy, his changing attitude towards commissarial and sovereign dictatorship, his relationship to Lukacs, and a host of other topics. All serious students of Schmitt, Weber, the Frankfurt School, neo-Hegelianism, political representation, and the politics of technology will want to read it." American Political Science Review
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