On the Road of Reconciliation: A Brief Memoir

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März 2004



In this memoir John Morrow, a retired minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, traces some of the experiences of his life and ministry through which he began to learn, reflect, and attempt to live out an ecumenical ministry of reconciliation. It begins with some of the formative influences of his youth when he grew up on a farm in north Down where there was close contact with Protestant and Catholic neighbors. It also covers his ministry of fostering community in housing estates, encountering the first stages of the Troubles, and the formation and developing of the Corrymeela Community in 1965. He also discusses cross-cultural work he did with students in Glasgow, and the personal discovery of "the other Ireland" during his five years spent in Dublin. Born on a farm near Belfast in 1931.


John Morrow was born in 1931 on a farm near Belfast, which led to a training in Agricultural Science at Queen's University. He later studied theology in Belfast and Edinburgh, and was a member of the Iona Community in Scotland from 1958-71. He has served in parish ministry in Northern Ireland and Edinburgh, and was a university chaplain in Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast. A founder member of the Corrymeela Community in 1965, he was leader of that Community from 1979-93. After this he lectured in the Irish School of Ecumenics until 2002.

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