What the Hell Is a Groom and What's He Supposed to Do?

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Among the hundreds of wedding planner guides out there, there are few that focus solely on the groom and his responsibilities. "What The Hell Is A Groom and What's he Supposed to do?" lays out what to do, how to do it, what to avoid, how to think about x, y and z better than any of the wedding books aimed at brides."What The Hell Is a Groom and What's he Supposed to do?" explains the wedding process from the guy's perspective. It examines each phase of the entire betrothal and wedding from buying a ring to getting engaged to planning the wedding, the big day and after. There isn't much about dresses, flowers or cake, but it does highlight those things that a groom is responsible for and where he should inevitably be involved in the planning. It details exactly how to keep peace within the "new" family and how to establish a great "working" relationship with your fiancee right from the beginning, through techniques like, "the right of first refusal and brownie points".

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