Atlantis: Ancient Legacy, Hidden Prophecy

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Oktober 2007



Is there anything our modern industrial society can learn from the story of Atlantis, a legend that has endured for two thousand years?
From the dialogues of Plato to the modern age of Atlantology, esteemed occultist John Michael Greer traces the evolution of this controversial story about a great civilization drowned by the sea. See how this fascinating legend was reshaped by modern occultists and pioneers of the rejected knowledge movement. Greer also proposes his own revolutionary theory-based on Plato''s accounts, human history, and geological science-of a civilization doomed by natural disasters at the end of the last Ice Age.
As the threat of global warming makes headlines today, Greer poses the ultimate question: is the legend of Atlantis a legacy of the distant past, or a prophecy of our own future?

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