Authority and Tradition in Ancient Historiography

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Mai 2004



This book is a study of the various claims to authority made by the ancient Greek and Roman historians throughout their histories, and of the way in which the tradition of ancient historiography shaped their responses and molded the presentation of themselves to their audience. Guiding them in their claims to be authoritative was the tradition of the founders and best practitioners of history, Herodotus and Thucydides.


Introduction; 1. The call to history; 2. The historian's inquiry; 3. The historian's character; 4. The historian's deeds; 5. The 'lonely' historian; Conclusion; Appendices.


'... the right man for the right job, in the right place at the right time ... John Marincola offers a sober presentation of the historians' remarks about themselves and their conceptions of their role: a thought-provoking phalanx of upbeat position-statements, and awesome lines in self-marketing.' J. G. W. Henderson, Times Literary Supplement '... quite outstanding ... Marincola exercises a complete and a masterly control over the great mass of material he presents. This book is a 'must'.' Greece and Rome
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